Associations are funded through payment of assessments by members of the association. Procedures for establishing the assessment and the activities for which the association is to fund are defined in the declarations for the association. In general, the assessments may include cost for items such as:

  • Landscape maintenance for common areas
  • Streetlights, when the association is not within an incorporated city
  • Trash collection, when not provided by a City or the MUD
  • Financial and administrative services to operate the association
  • Maintenance for association owned items such as a pool, tennis courts, club house, fences, etc.
  • Liability and property insurance.
  • Collection and legal fees related to collection of assessments due to the association

Please refer to your copy of the Declarations for your association for more details.

The assessment is established based upon a budget approved by the association board of directors. This assessment is invoiced and collected on behalf of the association by ACMI following board approved collection procedures. Assessments not paid prior to the delinquency date will be charged interest, late fees, collection fees and possibly legal fees and court costs if required to collect. The property owner is responsible for payment of all interest, collection and legal fees.

If you have a question about the assessment for your association or status of your account please contact ACMI.

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