Deed Restrictions

The association declarations will include a listing of restrictions defining requirements on property owners. These requirements, along with any board resolutions to clarify the requirements, are defined to assist in maintenance of property values. Please refer to your declarations for more details.

Generally the restrictions will include items such as:

  • Any modification to the exterior of the home or landscaping requires approval by the architectural committee
  • Landscape must be maintained (lawn watered, fertilized, mown, edged, bushes trimmed, etc)
  • Activities that may be a nuisance to neighbors are not allowed. This could include activities that create loud noises, foul odors, running a business such as a day care from the home, etc.
  • Homes are not to be used for business purposes
  • Homes are for single family use only.
  • No parking of commercial vehicles allowed
  • Basketball goals may not be allowed, or their use may be restricted. It is illegal to use a goal in the street in most instances.
  • Above ground pools are normally not allowed.
  • Storage or parking of boats, trailers, jet skis, RV's on the drive or street is not allowed.
  • Architectural approval is required for storage buildings, large play equipment, etc even when in the back yard.
  • Plus others

Issues that are against either State or County law are best handled through local law enforcement. Please contact these agencies when these issues occur.

Deed restriction enforcement is through the County Civil Court system. To establish the background required to bring an issue to court requires several letters, action by an attorney and is both costly and time consuming.

Please contact ACMI if you have questions related to a DR issue in your community or to discuss a DR letter you may have received.